You don’t have to be a writer to know that life is a book. In life, you have this story, the story of your life. In this story, you are the main character. Like in any book, there’s the good guys and the bad guys. There are the times you smile and the times you frown. Life also needs to be revised, edited, and looked over a couple of times before the final product is ready. Sometimes you have to erase things and re-fill the empty spaces. Life and writing go hand-in-hand. It’s important for writers to understand that. We know the basics of writing but some of us fail to know the basics of life. Being a great writer doesn’t make you a great person and being a great person doesn’t mean you could even fill a single page with words. Think about some things you could change in life, how would approach it from a writing standpoint. You don’t have a pencil to fix anything in life. Remember that brainstorming and execution is key. Live on !

7 thoughts on “Writing = Life

  1. One thing that feels really important for me in life is my ability to give back things I learn. This is my gift to the world. It is my legacy. And if I only touch one person in a profound way through my word and dedication to a life intend, then I have succeed. What story will you write about your life?

  2. I really liked this post. It was a really good way to look at things, I find myself thinking of it the same way!(:

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