Think Out Loud

Thinking isn’t as simple of a task as it may seem. Your thought process should have a rhythm, it should have a flow. Most of us go on without even noticing this, but your thoughts could be just a reaction to your actions. Meaning you only think of ways to solve problems after they happen.

You have to train your brain and thoughts to trigger your actions. It should not be the other way around. We’ve all heard the term “think before you speak”, well some of us honestly take that too lightly. It isn’t only a matter if thinking before you speak but to think before you act.

We are in a rush and our minds fall out of place. You have to stop and gather your thoughts. I couldn’t be the great writer I want to be if I was not able to sit back and prepare my mind for the hard work and time I have to put in. Also, I’ve had to already figured out my goals and how I will reach them before I start my work.

Sit back, get your mind organized. Don’t act ahead of your thoughts and never work without the mental preparation needed. Make your thoughts speak louder than your actions.

2 thoughts on “Think Out Loud

  1. You can write. Your work reads like something between a conversation and stream of consciousness. You sound wise and fresh at the same time. Keep on writing.

    1. Thanks a lot I really appreciate those words. I’m fairly new to blogging but not to life. Blogging has given me a new light and a chance to openly express my feelings and opinions, as wild as some of them may be … I’m glad I’ve found people like you who appreciate it !

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