I’ve been at the bottom for so long. My thoughts accompany me in the pits. Together we stay here, clinging on to each other for dear life. If we are ever gonna climb out this hole than we were going to do it together. Being at the bottom is never comfortable. This isn’t a place for anyone with hopes and dreams. This is a place for whiners, a place for people who give it. I don’t belong here.

It was so secret to anyone how I got myself in this situations. I was stuck, looking up as everyone looks down us. I few times in my life I do recall giving up, I remember belonging here. When I had so much time to focus on the bad, I eventually realize I could be focusing on what’s good. What was good was that there is always a way out, that there’s light on the other end of this hole.

When began to truly understand what it is that had me hidden so deep, I had taken those reasons and used them as stepping stones to the top. With each step I took a deep breath, looking down at the darkness I was being freed of. My thoughts reminded me of the things I had to leave behind. The light at the top was closer than ever. The people who were looking down were now reaching their hands out to help. I denied their aid. The last step of freedom was the best. With my mind now free from the dark I knew that the bottom is a place I will never find myself hidden.


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