Having faith isn’t just a word used in the context of religion. Faith is simply taking control of your situation and doing everything possible to jump over hurdles in life. Faith is preparing mentally and physically to deal with approaching issues. You should handle your issues with a sense of urgency but also believing you will overcome any obstacle, while doing it calmly.

Faith is an opportunity to understand the problems around you. When you can understand something, the easier it becomes to deal with it. The road of life has many roadblocks. These roadblocks are there to go around. Getting around isn’t always the same. Sometimes you have to go over, and sometimes you have to go under. No matter how you do it, the result ends in you making that roadblock a memory.

There may be a sledgehammer around to help you smash the roadblock to bits. You just have to look for the help around you. Sometimes it’s as clear as day and sometime it takes a bit of soul searching. If someone can help you deal with some of the tougher issues, than it’s best that you accept the help.

Any one of us can have faith but we all have to understand how and when to use it. It took me a long time to truly understand how I could grasp the negative things around me and use them as fuel to a burning desire to overcome any issue. That faith will eventually take my work, life, and thoughts to new heights. I believe it’s in everyone one of us, you just have to have¬†the faith.

3 thoughts on “Have Faith

  1. I feel like this post could almost have the caveat of believing in your path, and knowing that the direction that you chose is the right one for that moment. I found you on G+ and I’m following your blog now. Looking forward to reading more.

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