We are all living in a world that never was. A vision of God that never got a chance to see the light. Doomed by man, succeeded by sin. We are all victims to our own plan. Love is rare and the hatred fuels everything. Free will is a blessing but we use it as a weapon. We destroy as we build. We build only to destroy.

Can we be saved? Does anyone want to save us? Or is the plan to self destruct and leave light for those waiting to take our place. Peace, to us is just a word, not an action. Peace is something I’ve never seen. War is a reality. We belong to sin. We are prisoners without chains, rebels without causes, beings with no future.

We’ve managed to run in circles and think we’re moving ahead. We’re living in a world that never was. A world that may someday, be. Our children deserve the life that we passed on. The future generations can’t follow in our footsteps. A savior has to rise and lead the future. Our past has to be buried to never be dug up. The more we destroy, may be the better. The rubble we leave behind will be the platform to rebuild a peaceful world.

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