Who Are You?

Too many people put on fronts. That’s what we call being “fake”. Being yourself is one of the hardest things to do in life. Your family and friends may not even know who you are. It could be too late to even show them who you really are. They could be so accustomed to the person you have been for so long that any change they notice now may not be acceptable.

That’s why it’s best to always, under any circumstance, to act as yourself. We all have to put on masks sometimes. Just don’t keep that mask on for too long. You may never be able to remove it. The true you could be hidden forever, and even hidden to you.

Being yourself may not be accepted in all settings. For instance, the workplace is somewhere we all know we have to hide some truth. If you’re this eccentric, outspoken person, work may not be a place you want to show that side of you. No matter what, don’t feel like people won’t like you for who you actually are. If they cannot accept you, that’s a problem of their own.

Don’t be afraid to jeopardize friendships. Those who don’t want to stand by your side, don’t deserve to be there anyway.  Carry yourself with pride, and acceptance of who you are. Don’t ever change for anyone. You are the ultimate decider of you’re own fate. When someone looks at you, make sure they are also seeing what’s within you.


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