Relationships are something that almost everyone is familiar with. I’m 25 years old and I’ve had 2 serious relationships in my life. Although they are over, I am still learning from them. I see myself as someone is aware of the signs that may lead to a break-up or reasons to avoid a partnership with someone. My goal here is to help you be aware of some things that may be wrong but you cannot see or you may be ignoring. Let’s get started.

Too Early – Before you get with someone, there are a few things that can happen “too early”. For instance, sex. Sustaining from sex is always a good thing. If it happens too early, beware. That is an instant sign that you or your partner, or maybe even both of you, only want sex out of the relationship. If one of you is rushing the issue, than you are normally that person. Try holding off to test your partner in the early stages of the relationship, before it’s too late.

Another thing that could happen to early is “love”. Being in love takes time. Love at first sight is very rare and if you think you have a case of love at first sight, always question that. Your partner may tell you they “love you” within 6 months of knowing each other. That could mean that they are desperate to fall in love. They are testing you. Wanting to see if you are ready to take the next step before the right time actually presents itself. Stay away from the “L” word until you know the two of you have spent the time and emotions required to truly be in love.

Too Late – Being late for certain things in a relationship is just as troublesome as being early. Tardiness should not be an issue for the two of you in the beginning. You do not know the person’s schedule or personality well enough to worry about their timing. If it is deep into the relationship and you are for certain sure about those things, being late can be a major issue. Lies and late go hand-in-hand.

Working late is a common excuse for a partner to find time for extracurricular activities. Cheating isn’t always the result of your partners change in routine. A change of heart could be a reason. Them not worrying about being on time for you is a way to show you that they are distancing themselves. Being late isn’t always a time thing either. It could be them prolonging sex. When things change, be more aware, always.

New Friends – New friends are not always a good thing for relationships. I have close bonds with certain people and my partners were always familiar with those people. I had meet this guy at a video-game store. We started to talk about this game were both picking up. We became friends, and I started to go to his house.

My girlfriend at the time was aware but didn’t look into the situation. The truth was that my new friend has a sister he lived with. She was gorgeous and I found myself coming over just to be around her. That caused me to even be late for dates and coming home to see my girlfriend. Don’t judge me, this was when I was younger and a lot more careless.

I’ve since learned from my mistakes and I’m giving you a personal story as to why new friends could be an issue. Your partner could be me. New friends bring in new people who become your friends as well. If your partner is not around, you feel free to act as you want. Not all people are as careless as I was at one point but the truth is, some are.

Keep tabs on your partners friends and always try to meet them so you can be more trusting when they go out with them or leave to meet up with that person. It may sound foolish to some of you but it could save your relationship in the long run.

I wish you all the best with your relationships and future. If you love someone, do whatever it takes to make it last. 



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