My life is book. A story told by the heart, mind, and soul. The main character in my story is the heart. Like most stories, it has to have a protagonist. My mind is my heart’s greatest rival. They are in a battle for my soul. My soul knows the heart is there to guide it towards all things positive. The mind is just so persuasive that the soul has to listen.

This is a battle that may not ever end. My heart is more than just a vessel that keeps me breathing. My heart has it’s own life, it’s spirit, it’s own mind. Without it, my book would have closed a long time ago.

My heart holds the pen that allows me continues my story. My mind is quicker than my heart. The brain sometimes makes you act out before the heart can get its message across to the soul. With all the confusion going on, the story of my life has to continue. I don’t know which part of me trust sometimes.

I hope the battle going on inside comes to end.  If I have any chance at love, my heart has to be the soul controller of all my actions. My heart has to lead, it has to show me a path to the future and put the past away in a safe place. I hope my story has a  fairy-tale happy ending but in reality it could end in tragedy.


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