A New Beginning For The End

When you left me, I felt hopeless. My friends said there were more fish in the sea but I knew my sea had only one fish worthy of the bait. Jumping in that sea and swimming away seemed like my best option. Moving on would be moving backwards and moving backwards would now be a step forward.

So I just stood there, scared to take that next step. I didn’t think, I didn’t eat, I didn’t breath. You had left and taken the rest of me along for the trip. Time went by and little by little, I started to become whole. My stomach eventually rumbled in hunger. My mind started to free itself from your grasp.

My heart began to repair the wounds left when you shattered it. I had felt the hope of love. I figured I’d stand there until it was safe to move on. My body was weak but it was regenerating. Time passed and I felt rebuilt. My eyes opened and I could see you headed back towards me. I couldn’t figure out why.

I guess you knew I’d be stuck here until you decided to come back. By the time you returned I was complete. You left me in pieces and I had to become whole once again. Instead of giving you another chance to destroy me all over again, I used my first steps to turn around and walk a new direction, away from you, away from the past.

I stopped and looked back to see you standing there breaking apart, becoming a prisoner to a broken heart and  I was finally free, goodbye.

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