Music isn’t just for our ears, it’s also medicine for our hearts. Those who  only use music to dance or for entertainment, are missing out on a great experience. You should find songs that connect with you on a different level. Use music like a tool, a tool that can fix almost anything. When an artist is making a record, they usually are in a certain mood, giving off a unique vibe for listeners to feel, not only to hear. If you don’t know where to start I’ll try to help the best I can.

When you are feeling a certain emotion, whether it be happiness, anger, or sadness, go listen to some of your favorite songs. Your emotions will automatically connect you with the music. Find the right songs for the right emotions. If you’re sad, find a song that makes you smile if you want to feel better. It depend on what you want to feel at that moment. You could be sad and just want to connect with someone who feels like you so you can vent. In this case, connect with the music.

Find a sad song with a strong story that you can’t relate to emotionally. Hearing it will make you feel like you are not alone. This works with all emotions and situations. If you are happy, there’s no reason to listen to a depressing or angry song. Listen to a energetic melody. Find music that will make you even more jovial and more active. People don’t just listen to music for no reason when they’re working out. They use the music as motivation. Find different music that bring out different emotions. Find music that affects your emotional positively when you are in a certain mood.

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