Why is everyone so crazy about love? What’s even worse than that is that these people are in a rush to fall in love. I feel like people start depending on love way to early. I admit, I was once a fool for love myself. I’ve been down that road. I’ve since steered in a much safer direction and I won’t be headed back there for a while. Love is like this big target that everybody wants to hit, but often miss. It seems like humans are born with this obsession and hope of falling in love. Honestly, we have bigger things to worry about in life. When you’re young and unestablished, you need to be focused on succeeding, gaining trustworthy friends, family and working. Love should be secondary to all of those things. I have this plan. Before I find my soul-mate, I want to be at a point in life where I feel complete. A point where I’ve excelled as a person, and financially. I want to know what I can focus on my love life, rather than trying to make something out of myself. I dream of being a screenplay writer. I’m not saying I’m going to wait until I’ve sold a script to Dreamworks Pictures or anything, but I want to feel like I at least tried my hardest. Even if I fall short, I should still be in a good position in life.

I’m only 25 years old. I have so many more things to do and many more people to meet. I don’t want to put myself out there to early. The person I’m destined to be with could be years away from even making an appearance in my world. I know that no matter how long I wait, no matter how many opportunities I pass up on, I will always be someone worth loving and when I’m ready, I will be worth someone’s love and trust. I’d then be ready to fully commit myself to that person. I’m in no rush, and others shouldn’t be either. I just feel like we often sell ourselves short when it comes to relationships and that’s why more than fifty percent of them don’t pan out. I’m young, with no kids, but I’ve not yet reached y peak. When I do, I will know and I will be ready to open up my heart for that special someone. For now, I want to enjoy life, work hard, and only have to worry about myself. No matter what your outlook is on my opinion, I still wish you all the best.

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