Passion is easily one of my favorite emotions. To me, passion is every emotion rolled into one that can be released in several powerful ways. You can passionately have a love for someone or something, or passion can be an overwhelming sense of dislike. I am a very passionate person. Passion is what love should be. It isn’t hard to understand passion as it as to comprehend the meaning of love. Passion is the truth, love is a word to describe a strong passion to deeply and positively embrace something. Passion is being devoted, attached, and affectionate about something, whether you love it or hate it. My life revolves around passion. For instance, I am a deeply devoted sports fan. I relish every moment of the ongoing excitement. From the unforgettable wins to the heartbreaking losses, I choose to have high regards for sports. When I’m watching my team play I feel like my emotions are pouring out from the inside of my body. I feel like I’m giving meaning to everything that I cannot explain. My unworldly passion for sports, goes both ways. I have an unrelenting force of love for my teams and on the other hand, I may dislike a team mightily. I put as much passion into my hate for a rival team as much I do for my own team. Being such a  loyal fan for so long, I’ve been through every emotion. I’ve laughed, cried, smiled, frowned, I’ve felt full of life, and I’ve felt empty. I enjoy my lust for sports. Whether good or bad, it makes me feel alive. Sports is just a dot on an endless radar. I’m just as passionate for my family, friends, my future, past, and especially my writing. My passion has molded me into who I am today. I am not afraid to feel anything and I’m aware of my feelings. As humans we to open up. We need to stop hiding our feelings, we need to embrace our emotions and share our passion.


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