There’s No Difference Between The Truth and The Lies

People lie, it’s a way of life. Some people lie to get ahead, some lie to protect, some lie to destroy. Telling the truth has been and will always be harder than telling a lie. The truth can also get you ahead, protect you, or even destroy things around you. The isn’t much difference between the truth and the lies. The biggest difference being that one is more moral in some cases. We’ve all been lied to and we’ve all lied to others, even ourselves. Lies aren’t always bad.

For example, once as a kid, my mother told me that my uncle had moved out of town with another relative and he would not be returning for a while. The truth was that he was doing a sentence in jail in another state. I was being lied to by my own mother and I was only a kid. Lying to a kid isn’t any different that lying to an adult. I eventually found out the truth about my uncle from another family member. I knew that my mother only lied to protect my feelings toward my uncle, not knowing that I wouldn’t have changed my outlook on him either way. The lie made sense to me and til this day she may think I believe that story. I understood why she did it, and I forgave her instantly. The truth wouldn’t have bother me personally but it may have troubled another child.

People should consider telling a lie, but mostly if the truth will only cause pain or confusion. I don’t support lying to your spouse about cheating, crimes, or anything of that context. If you choose to lie in those situations, well you’re just wrong and the truth will catch up with you either way. Those are examples of lies that will only destroy. The truth in situations like cheating, may not be any better but you can feel some sense of dignity and have hope for your relationship, that depends totally on the persons involved. Truth and lies go hand and hand and they both play a major role in the outlook of out lives. We just have to tell both with responsibility. Knowing you lied to someone isn’t always bad, especially if you did it for the right reasons. Don’t worry about who’s judging you about your decisions because one should only worry about themselves and their loved ones. 

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