John is a 28 year old web-site designer. He just finished creating a dating site for singles in his small town area of Hope, North Dakota. John isn’t very well liked, he was bullied throughout school. His decision to become a web site designer branched from years of bullying. John did not want to work with people. People whom he thought would take advantage on him. The one advantage John had was a secret. He was no ordinary person. John doesn’t know his background or if he has any family. All he remember is waking up in the woods, shivering cold and hungry. His first meal was meat from a deer carcass near his place of origin. John knew he was human, he also knew there was something special about him.

All his life, John tried his hardest to fit in. He made his own identity. That was the easy part for him. He learned how to be normal by watching those around him. John would spend days just wandering around and interacting with others. Those others, never really understood John. He always came across as weird. Being the outcast didn’t bother John. For some reason, he was always happy. He figured he didn’t have the ability to get angry or feel any negative emotion. John has always been in control of him. John’s eventually learned his reason for being placed on this earth. Love was his reason. He started to notice that almost everyone he came in contact with would seemingly fall in love with their soul-mate. John never got jealous. He took pride in being able to spread love.

John began to grow and understand his ability and how to use to for good. One would think there would be no way to misuse such an ability. John thought the same thing until one day he came across a couple who were on the mend. He took notice to the couple becoming more and more distant with each other. All John wanted were for them to be re-connected. His efforts fell short. The man and woman grew more and more angry with each other until one day the woman disappeared. Later on that week, the man was sent to jail for the murder of the woman. That moment sent John into a shell. He didn’t understand what went wrong and he still doesn’t. What he does know is that he has to be more careful. He figured that everyone doesn’t belong together and not everyone deserves to fall in love and stay in love. John became more careful with whom he blessed with the gift of love.

After that incident, John began to go to the Hope Library more often. He hung out there to read, but he enjoyed the silence more than anything. It was his place of peace and he could also polish his skills. John read various fiction novels containing the mythical character Cupid. John felt like he related to Cupid more than anyone. Cupid opened up new doors for John. His abilities grew stronger by the day. In fact they grew so strong that John could now project his self proclaimed “love potion.” He could only use his powers for the good of love and nothing else. John enjoyed practicing his skills on animals. The town of Hope, North Dakota had never seen so many stray dogs walking down the street calmly, side by side. There was also a surplus of puppies being born throughout animal hospitals all throughout town. John knew it was time for him to try his magic again, on a human, but there was no room for any doubts.

The thought of this made John very cautious. He didn’t want another life lost in his hands. If he could feel anything other than happiness, than the whole situation would be taking a bigger toll on John. Good for him, all he could think about was spreading the love once again. This time around he knew he had to get to know the person more. They had to deserve to fall in love, he had to be sure of this somehow. Weeks and weeks went by, John watched and waited for someone to cross his path. He’d spent countless hours at parks, museums, online dating dates, and malls. He was becoming anxious at this point. John wanted to bury his mistakes in the past and there was only one way to do that. What was once so easy, now had become a difficult task, in which John knew it should of been.

John returned to his place of peace to clear his mind. The library seemed more peaceful than ever. He noticed a man sitting on the floor with a book in his hand. John thought the man seemed odd. His eyes followed John. The book was only a cover. John began worried for the first time in his life and he didn’t know why. A loud commotion broke up the awkwardness between John and his onlooker. A librarian had fell off of a nearby ladder trying to put a few books back on the top shelf. The woman was covered in books. There wasn’t a soul around to assist her and the peeping man had also disappeared. The only thing left of him was an book open on the ground where he sat. John’s attention went back to the woman, he rushed over to help her, throwing books everywhere in his rescue attempt. He finally saw a hand and he pulled the woman from the pile of non-fiction literature. The woman’s eyes were closed, she appeared unconscious. John didn’t know what to do. He had saved plenty of relationships in the past, but never has he had to save a life.

John slowly lifted the woman to her feet. Her head lied on John’s shoulder as he positioned her to rest on a nearby sofa. It was then when John felt something, a jolt of energy sent John’s mind for a spin. He slowly recollected himself, still holding the librarian. To John’s surprise, the woman was awake. She stared at him with the most beautiful eyes he’s ever seen. There was a feeling of security and another odd feeling that John has never encountered. The woman looked back at John and smiled. She made John feel something he had never felt before. The woman petted John’s shocked face and whispered “thank you for saving me.” A huge kiss followed and the woman submissively faded back, fainting. She spilled through John’s hand and she fell into the awaiting couch behind her. John knew she was okay but he had no explanation for the events. He thought he might have someone blessed himself with love but he’s tried that plenty of times before. Then, he had an idea. John turned around and looked for the man who was looking at him before all of this happened. He was still nowhere to be found. John slowly walked over to where the man was sitting and saw the book the man was reading. John reached down to pick the book up and to John’s surprise it was a book he himself was all too familiar with. “Cupid’s Arrow.” John knew what had happened, he knew he wasn’t the only one, he knew was targeted by Cupid’s Arrow, and now he knew that after years of spreading it, that he himself was now deserving… of love.


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