Stand Against Bullying

In no way am I suggesting any parents follow up on any advice I am about to give.

Bullying has become a major issue.  I have no kids of my own, but I have experienced bullying. All bullying does not have to be physical. It could also be mental. Organizations and parents urge kids to stop bullying, which I think is the wrong approach. I don’t think the problem starts with the bully. I believe it begins with the child who is being bullied. As a parent I would let my kid know that even though someone is physically bigger than them, there’s no reason to fear them. We are all human, we all have emotions, we all have to stand up for ourselves and be taught ways to protect ourselves when we are growing up. Like I said, I have no kids but if I did I would give my kid the freedom to defend himself if physically need be rather than backing down and being a target. I hear too many parents teaching their child that getting physical is never the right way to go. I believe in some cases it is the only way to go. A bully wants to take control of a completely defenseless person. No human being should pass themselves off as completely defenseless. Take a stand, hold your ground and the bully will recognize you aren’t as weak he or she may think you are. Bullying can also be mental. Bullies have a reputation of not being to wise. If you are a weak kid being bullied, the bully obviously despises you for some reason. He our she is jealous because you have something he doesn’t. Take advantage of that fact and use it as firepower against you bully. Teaching your kid to back down will only lead them down the wrong path. They will grow to be weak and afraid of confrontation. This could lead to extreme emotional issues for the child. How you approached bullying in the past could cost you a relationship, or job in the future. Adults get bullied also, work can be allot like the schoolyard. Mental bullying is more common with adults. If you’ve been taught to back down all you life then you will be willing to let others walk all over you. In no way would I be okay with that as a parent. Build a defense against these issues early, even if it takes extreme measures. How you prepare your kid for bullying could be a major problem or solution in their future, not to mention your own future as a parent. The idea of being the bigger person is a cliche. Take action, be strong, know that there isn’t anyone out there who is more powerful than you and nobody deserves to be bullied. Don’t be the victim but don’t be the bully.

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