Your Life Is An Open Book

Welcome to the Internet. This is where you can’t help but to give your life story to strangers. We are all connected here, socially or personally connected. We depend on the Internet so much that it has basically taken over our lives. People have built a dependency in which might put us through withdrawal if we decided to pull the plugs on our personal ocean of information. Growing up my parents warned me not to talk to strangers. A rule which I thought was fitting for a child. Now I believe even as adults have abused that rule. The Internet wasn’t such a phenomenon at the time and it was easier for parents to keep an eye on their kids social life. Now you’re going need a password and a private investigator. We have lost all sense of privacy. We as adults shouldn’t be so open to interacting with strangers on a daily basis. Not to mention the web of information we allow our followers to view through blogs and social-networking sites. Your life is an open book, and even your private life is accessible with the click of a button. We have made it easier for police and agencies to get a scoop on things we may want hidden. It’s become extremely difficult to be unnoticed, someone is always watching, waiting for you to slip up. I can’t even count how many relationships have been lost due to information someone picked up on the Internet. But, this is our way of life, this is how we chose to live and there’s no turning back from here. Parent’s should never feel completely safe when their child is active online. Almost every site you go to you have to sign-up and enter information. After that there’s nothing more to do but expose yourself through seemingly harmless rambling about your life. I don’t have an answer for privacy issues, nor do I want an answer. I’m just like everyone else, I want to be heard, and I’m not thinking about the repercussions.


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