Express Yourself

The term express yourself isn’t just cool lyrics to a hit record. Not many people know how to express themselves properly or how to use past feelings for present em-betterment. Yelling at the top of your lungs for whatever reason won’t cut it. You can find plenty of calmer ways to express your opinion. One of my favorite is by writing. Think of a few times where you feel like you really got your point across even if the end result was an argument. Then think about what it was that caused your eruption of expression. Link that to how you want to express something now but without the anger. Maybe a co-worker had hit your last nerve and you finally got the right words out of your mouth to back that person off of your case. Use past situations that are similar to that and use them as fuel and find various ways to express hidden feelings. Like I said, I love to write, that is my best form of expression. My fuel to write and write good are mainly low points of my life. Points where I felt extremely emotional. I revisit those points before I start to write because then my mind is in the right gear and I can write more freely. Pain doesn’t have to be your source of motivational energy, but it should be a similar emotion. Try it out, and see if you can use memories and past situations to free your mind.


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